Dentists Tend To Favor Water Fluoridation (video)

Dentists favor water fluoridation for dental healthWe conducted a survey that asked dentists if they are in favor of water fluoridation.

The clear majority (85%) support fluoridation, with many citing it as one of the top 10 public health innovations of the 20th century. The minority (15%) voiced concerns about the possible side effects of fluoride.

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  • Of course dentists support fluoridation. They have only been taught one side of the issue and are at the forefront of virtually every fluoridation mandate in this country.

    Most are more interested in building a profitable business than hitting the books again to study the other side of fluoridation and many truly believe there’s no “other side.”

    This leaves most dentists sharing fluoride-ignorant information as a dentist did today in an Iola Kansas newspaper story where he told readers they should mix infant formula with fluoridated water.

    The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control advise that concentrated infant formula NOT be mixed with fluoridated water.

    Studies have been done to highlight dental professionals fluoride ignorance. For example Yoder ( ) shows that many dental professionals still believe that fluoride’s beneficial effects occur upon ingestion as that Kansas dentist told his patients and newspaper readers.
    Fluoride hardens enamel by topical application negating the need for water fluoridation.

    It’s criminal that the ADA is not properly informing its members so they can honestly educate people about fluoride.

    Fluoridation gives the illusion that organized dentistry cares about the low-income people they won’t actually allow in their dental chairs.

    Just mention that dentists should be required to treat all patients that show up at their door and they scream “we don’t like mandates.” However, they have no problem mandating and forcing fluoride into the rest of us for their own political gain.

  • jwillie6

    Those promoting fluoridation simply refuse to read the current research showing it is ineffective and dangerous to health. Go to ( and read several articles.
    Read the letter from Dr. Hardy Limeback ( DDS, PhD Biochemistry) — Head, Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto entitled “Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water”
    He was the principal research advisor to the Canadian Dental Asociation for over 10 years in promoting fluoridation. His letter is an apology to other dentists and the public.
    Over 140 Research studies listed, including:
    Increased risk of bone cancer — 13 studies
    Lead, arsenic, radium contaminants causing toxic water — 10
    Link with fluoride and cancer — 12
    Fluoride causes birth defects — 5
    Fluoride affects the immune systems — 12
    Fluoride is neurotoxic (brain, nerves, lowering IQ) — 11
    You will also find a petition signed by over 2600 professionals oposing fluoridation.

  • I’m curious.

    Why would dentists who want to be wealthy overwhelming support a health measure designed to, basically, put them out of business.

    The only plausible reason I can come up with for this this paradoxical stance is brain damage from mercury poisoning.

  • Lesley McMillan

    Dentists are only interested in teeth. My dentist believes I’m at great risk from dental decay now that I avoid fluoridated water and all products containing it. It does not concern her that the fluoride is destroying my thyroid gland. Also if there was no fluoride in water the incidence of gum disease and dental fluorosis would be less so it is not in the best interests of dentists to oppose fluoride – only the 15% that have a conscience! Read about my story at

  • PREVENTION, isn’t that still the basis of fluoridated water in our communities water supply. This science of the prevention of the number one disease, and it is a disease caused by bacterial colonies, was started back in the 50’s and 60’s and should especially stand now, as our children consume high energy (high fructose corn syrup) drinks and “bottled vitamin waters” instead of milk and water.
    The miniscule parts per million added have not affected the generations prior to todays me generation. As a clinician for decades, the EVIDENCE BASED results have been proof of the success of children and adults who consume fluoridated water as opposed to none. We now have entered into an era of minimal invasive dentistry, this cannot be done w/out fluoride in our water and as a part of preventative pallative oral care.
    M. Rosenbluth

  • Jim Schultz

    To Rosenbluth, You hit most of the talking points like a good promoter. Sadly reality is different when you look at data or confuse cause and effect. The WHO data has data showing to any who actually look that cavities have decreased as much and often more in the far greater number of non fluoridated countries. The CDC data also shows in every state and DC income is the real predictor not fluoridation in a single state. Rich good and excellent about 81% everywhere and about 50-55% for poor even when near 100% fluoridation.
    Burt 2007 Detroit shows clearly it is a nutrition , dental care , home hygeine issue as most of the big inner cities fluoridated 0ver 50 years ago. They are currently increasing cavities in most of these centers of fluoridated poor. Detroit had almost 100% with cavities by 5 and by 14 84% had severe untreated issues. Kids need a real live dentist who cares enough to actually treat poor kids instead force mandatory fluoridation. A very small number of dentists actually treat poor medicaid kids. In my county of over 200 dentists only 4 are actually treating poor kids on medicaid. The health department does admit 45,000 of 49,000 are undertreated. Most never treated. After many years with out a public health dentist we now have one. You do the math as this is just a start.
    The CDC data shows blacks damaged about double of whites with moderate and severe dental fluorosis. Almost 4% In 2005 the CDC wwas still saying 22% dental fluorisis then 32% in 2007 but forgot to mention the 48.42%in the 2003-2004 data. That is for multiple tooth damage with another 25% for single damage. The UK York review 2000 also showed 15% before fluoridation became 48 % after fluoridation with 12.5% ugly enough for cosmetic restoration work. Where is the informed consent or even admission of damage?
    The most current Warren Levy Iowa shows no measurable decrease in cavities with more fluoride intake but certain proof of more dental fluorisis. They discovered it is near impossible in the real world to know total fluoride intake as there are so many sources now.
    Ingested fluorides have no researcher able to show mechanism of benefit and also none that can show topical benefit at 1ppm. Murky claims but not real science showing exactly the mechanismsor even if its topical or ingested or posteruptive or pre eruptive. Most dentists still blindly believe in huge pre eruptive ingested benefit for young kids. Featherstone in 2000 JADA showed the science showed opposite. Drastic enamel fluoride increases mad no benefit with acid resistance. 20 other reaeachers show the same thing and the CDC also said topical is the primary benefit in 1999 but did not show mechanism at 1ppm . We seem to have science at 1000ppm for toothpaste reminerization but not 1ppm. Yoder K.M. 2007 showed just how pervasive this dental community ignorance is. Read the pubmed abstract then get your house in order please. The cumulative chronic effects are not part of the dental training and only oral cavity is regulated under denistry. The 1993 ,2006 US tox report shows a list of unusual susceptable risk groups that the EPA had said they would inform medical personal of but none have been notified yet. The risk groups are Seniors, healt patients, kidney patients. those low on calcium ,magnesium, vit c and low protien. The greatest at risk group is always infants as intakes are many times over adults so the ADA and CDC did alert on infant formula. They also did not inform the public yet and 47 have refused to put this on website yet and none have informed the public. might give some qualified information. has many links to peer reviewed and government data. Most dentists I talk to get most of the science incorrect but are still very assertive. I think YoderK.M. proves the point well. This is too important to incorrectly inform patients.

  • From what I understand, the fluoride sold and added to municiple water supplies in the USA is factory and industrial waste by-products. It’s cheaper (and profitable) to dump it into the public’s water supply without regard for human health than to dispose of it properly in a landfill, a landfill which I might add, will eventually leach into the ground water table and pollute everything anyway.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

  • Jim Schultz

    The fluoride compound used in over 90% of fluoridation is H2SiF6 or AWWA b703-06 standard with specification sheet of 20 contaminates. Arsenic and lead top the list but most are actually radioactive decay products as the mined rock contains 200ppm uranium. The 3.5% fluorine was allowed for decades to spew out the smokestacks and blight the country side with a path of destroyed cattle,groves, and crops. Much of this grass will be so fluoride toxic for centuries to destroy cattle that eat the grass for more then a few months and they become fluoride toxic.
    In 1970 the EPA ordered this destuction of the environment halted with new smokestack pollution scrubbers. This brew of contaminates unpurfified is what is used in almost all fluoridation.
    A factoid is that the same mines also did produce up to 75% of all US uranium Yellow cake until the last plant closed in Lake Wales Fl in 1998. There had been 7 in Florida and 2 in Louisiana using solvent extraction but now the huge tonnage is just left in the products or huge strip mine radioactive gypsum waste pipes forever.
    The very hot acid fluoride waste is put in cooling ponds to let the radon offgas some but the uranium has a 4.5 billion year half life. No city has yet to mention exactly what is in the so called fluoride. Dentists just say what they have been told with little concern for being correct.
    The H2SiF6 is a super corrosive and lead leaching agent and is the source of most lead in homes water by leaching lead from brass and solder. The disinfectants used make this much more destructive and the new EPA ordered chloramine about 9 times more lead leaching. Maas 2007 and Coplan 2007 prove this and the Washington DC lead disaster from 2000-2004 showed for almost 3 years DC covered up lead in the water they caused to let citizens drink water hundreds and thousands of times over the 15ppb limit. No one could make up such stupid behavior but Washington DC did a even bigger cover up with the CDC and EPA to hide how bad it was.
    Marc Edwards of Virginia tech documented this in 2000 and said this could cause tens of billions of corrosion and mildue and water damage in homes from leaking pipes and hot water tanks. H2SiF6 always destroys pumps and pipes and valves in water plants also and requires lots of testing and better control of PH and adding expensive corrosion control chemicals to reduce the destruction. Usually only the fluoridation chemical cost is released to the public as it is the smallest cost of all of the costs. Dentists have no clue what fluoridation is about. Ask your dentist if any of this is true.
    The sewage plant is unable to filter fluorides and over 99% of all this toxic fluoride waste is disposed in the environment. Humans only filter out far less then 1% and ingested fluorides have no mechanism of benefit proven to date. Their is decades of proof it increases dental fluorisis as numbers are skyrocketing.
    The NRC showed 12 diseases caused or worsened by levels of fluoride many are exposed to from fluoridation even before the many other sources are considered. The EPA has never considered higher use or other sources in establishing a safe goal. The NRC 2006 said by 12-0 vote the goal is not protective. 11 EPA unions told congress to halt fluoridation
    in 2005 and the proper safety goal is ZERO just like other cumulative toxins arsenic and lead. EPA management has refused to change the 4000ppb goal to ZERO like science and law demands.


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