Dentists May Hesitate To Hire a Male Dental Hygienist

Some dentists would not hire a male dental hygienistGender profiling is alive and well! Only 70% of dentists in this survey said they would hire a male hygienist if he were the most qualified candidate for the job. Twenty-three percent probably would not, and 7% admitted they flat-out wouldn’t hire a man.

On the other hand, 17% said their dental practice currently employs a male dental hygienist.

“”Public expectation dictates a female. I’d rather not be a trendsetter,” said one dentist. But another said, “While I was initially skeptical, the male hygienists I’ve worked with are excellent and very well liked by their patients.”

Here are some other thoughts from dentists on the elusive male hygienist:

  • “As a female dentist, I have seen discrimination. Why should I discriminate on gender for my staff?” (New York dentist)
  • “In our society, most patients still expect a female hygienist, so why rock the boat?” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “The male hygienists I’ve seen in practices that have them have all been excellent. The patients, staff, and the dentists like them very much.” (Ohio prosthodontist)
  • “I have tried it, but it did not work!!” (London, UK dentist)
  • “I worked with one before and many patients preferred him!” (Illinois dental office worker)
  • “He has been an integral part of my practice for 12 years. My patients, male and female, think the world of him and the excellent care he delivers. He is a real asset to my patients and my practice.” (Louisiana dentist)
  • “We have employed male RDH’s in the past. It’s the personality and qualifications that matter, not the gender of the employee.” (Maine dentist)
  • “Changes the mix in the office in a good way…..It is interesting to see the way patients accept our new situation. I really have not had any problems. The women think it is cool and the men have someone to talk to about baseball and cars.” (New York dentist)

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  • Deborah

    I think it adds balance. In the past, the doctor was usually male with an all female staff. Dentists usually complained that they had to work with women all day long. With the addition of female dentists and male hygienists, the mix has changed and I think it will further the cause for change in the office. I am ready for a more colleague spirit. One in which the Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, and Business office realize that it takes a team to get the work done. One is not more important that the other. Maybe with another man in the house, it will cut down on some of the temper tantrums by the male Dentists I have been associated with and we can seriously get to have productive problem solving with everyone contributing to the solutions. I have been in dentistry as a hygienists for 35 years and I am ready for change. Forty-Four States in America allow dental hygienists to provide local anesthesia. Could all the male dental hygienists come to Texas so that maybe the Dentists in Texas could understand that change is necessary for the good of public health.

  • http://www.DENTIST-IRVINE.COM Dentist Irvine

    I think many dentists prefer female hygienist because it is what they are used to. Personally, I do not care if the applicant is male or female as long as that person is more qualified for the position.

  • Ted Bell

    I prefer a female hygienist. They look better in uniform and let’s face it, sneaking a look at a nice female bottom every now and then can really help the day go by.

  • Jeffrey Bellamy

    I recently graduated dental hygiene school in May 2009 and have found it hard to find full time employment. I currently work two days a week in an office and continue to search for full time work. I have been told by a female hygienist that she requested her Dr. to interview me for an opening and his reply to her was “he is a male”. The hygienist reminded the Dr. that her husband was a male hygienist as well and that should be an issue.

    I graduated with a class of 10 and everyone expected me to get the first job, which was not the case. This is my second career, I was a business owner of a fast food chain for 16 years and sold out to start a new career. I am wondering if I made the right choice now. I thought my past history of owning a business, having experience with the public, and knowing that all businesses are there to make a profit and knowing how it all works would be an asset as well to an office. I have probably applied to 200 places and have had 5 interviews. Kind of scary and unfair I think.

    So a little venting. Not sure who will read this, but if your in the state of Missouri and would like a male hygienist shoot me an email at


  • James

    Hi, I am a male trainee dental nurse in the UK, with hopes of going on to study Hygiene Therapy when i qualify. I have always been skeptical of going into this profession as a male because I fear discrimination. Dental is a brilliant sector to be in but im starting to have doubts because I have an image of myself finding it hard to get employment.

    help? what should i do?

  • Steven C.

    As a male, I’m exploring the possibility of going into this profession but I’m becoming discouraged by the blogs I’m reading.
    This is absolutely ludicrist! The fact that hiring a male dental hygienist is even an issue in the 21st century, boils down to ignorance, chauvenism and homophobia. The male patients that say they want a female hygienist because she’s more pleasing to the eye should go to a strip joint to get their teeth cleaned. Why don’t these same men demand a female dentist? What’s the difference?? Get real! There are female cops, male nurses, female dentists etc. If you can’t handle a man cleaning your teeth, but it’s ok for him to drill your teeth, then you are terribly confused.

  • Carl Williams

    I think the male doctors prefer female hygienist because they actually think it will may their dicks grow bigger. I also think they find it more difficult to supervise a male because they were often abused by other males in while growing up.

  • Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

    I’ve had a few male hygienists over the years. They gradually became duds. Lacked the passion for gardening gums.

    Joe 😀

  • Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

    When I worked in the military we had an almost entirely male team of over 20. Majority of patients were also males. Seemed normal enough at the time, but talk about a sausage-fest.

    Joe 😀

  • Dentist Edinburgh

    It’s always the passion and willingness to be of service to people that counts. Gender must not hinder one from doing what he/she loves to do.

  • Colchester Dentist

    I think we are just used to seeing female hygienist. As long as the male hygienist do his job well and he has the passion in doing it, that is not a problem to me.

  • Johny35

    Fuck all the dentist who prefer female hygienists. I wish you go to hell right now.

  • Hygienist School

    I think male hygienists are also perfect in there work comparative to females..

  • Albertmichael61

    Wello Steve . I’ve been Dental hygienist for the past 14 years and I am a male. I would not reccommend going into the field because of all the descrimnation and just plain lousy attitudes which exist in this profession. ,Its been difficult to find jobs and full time jobs simply do not exist for this person. It is discouraging to say the least. I have been fired for no apparent reasons only to be recanted later to a lay off instead. Many male dentists are ego driven narcissists who live to control the persons they employ, Females seem to be their favorite targets! I would think of another porfession which would provide you with benefits and better yet the possiblity of better employment possiblities..

  • AwesomeCrowns

    I am getting discouraged and feel really hurt right now reading all the negative comments about male hygienist. I’m a male currently in the application process of interviewing at several dental hygiene programs within the West Coast states. All of them are bachelor degree programs. I am afraid that after graduating from dental hygiene school, I won’t be able to find a job, and also be facing a daunting task of paying off my school loans. I already have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. However, that hasn’t been helpful in the past, as I got laid off from a banking firm two years ago. That’s when I have decided to go into dentistry. I have had NO/ZERO luck in getting into any dental school. Hence, this is why I’m pointing my plane in the direction of dental hygiene. I am not only afraid that I will be descriminated because I’m a male, but also because I’m a non-white male. What do you guys think?

  • Luisava464

    Hey dude try to become a RN there wont be any discrimination and their highly in demand. Your also making more money then a dental hygeinest. Think about it!

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