Here Comes Tina!

Dental website problem: Here Comes Tina!Dr. Cheap’s Provocative Dilemma!

Tina is a reasonably attractive young lady whose website I ended up visiting when trying to track down a complaint from an ex-Internet Dental Alliance member (IDA).


Did I forget to mention that Tina’s website features a live pornographic video stream of all of her everyday activities?

And, I do mean all of them!

The good doctor canceled his service because his scheduling coordinator’s boyfriend kept telling him that he could build a better website for half the cost of our monthly support fee.

When the doctor canceled, we offered to transfer his domain name, (not his real domain name), for a modest fee that covered our costs. The doctor declined our offer, saying the boyfriend had already purchased a new domain name for $70 that he felt would better serve his needs. Unfortunately, neither we nor the doctor could predict the Internet’s future direction at the time.

Life moves on, and after about nine months the doctor’s original domain name came up for renewal in our system. We had no use for, so we allowed it to expire and it automatically returned to the pool of available domain names.

Here Comes Tina!

As it turns out, when was made available once more, it was immediately picked up by a professional pornographer and redirected to Tina’s Live Web Cam site. Why, you ask, would a pornographer want

In a word -Traffic!

As it turns out, we had done an exceptional job of positioning the doctor’s website with several of the search engines, including a very high position with for the key search words “dentist,” “cosmetic dentist” and “dental implants” for his local market area. As a result, even nine months after we closed his site, the domain name was still generating a sizable number of inquires from prospective patients.

The traffic was so sizable, in fact, that a pornographer, checking the traffic logs on expiring domain names, decided to buy and redirect the traffic to Tina! It turns out that about two people out of a hundred who started out looking for a dentist ended up buying into Tina’s Live Web Cam. This turned into a nice little profit center for the pornographer. I’ve always wondered what Tina got out of the deal.

Panicked Dr. Cheap Calls Expensive Attorney

Well, it didn’t take long for some of Cheap Doctor’s patients to tell him that when they were searching the Internet for his office, they ended up at Tina’s. Cheap Doctor became unglued and called his expensive attorney. Mr. Expensive Attorney immediately has to justify his fee and accuses us of negligence for allowing this terrible thing to happen.

Oh my, the sky is falling!

The reality is that no one could predict, nine months into the future, that pornographers would begin buying domain names and redirecting the traffic. While we were free of liability, we are still Internet professionals, and the pornographer had truly abused the Internet Domain Registration System.

It took a little time and a lot of research, but we were eventually able to track down most of the search engine listings that were still active for and informed them of the scam. They immediately cleaned off his listings, solving the problem.

The Importance of Domain Name Maintenance

This story illustrates some of the problems that can come up if you are not careful about properly managing your domain name. In most cases, our sister company, the Internet Dental Alliance (IDA), owns the Domain names in trust for our doctors’ websites.

IDA automatically chooses a Web domain name that will help rank your website(s) highly in the search engines. Our member doctors then have the option of choosing a marketing domain name (at no additional charge) that they can use on their stationery, yellow page ads, sign, etc. Inquirers to the marketing domain are then automatically redirected to the member’s primary website.

As part of the IDA service, we put all your domain names into a very sophisticated program that monitors their usage and notifies us when and to whom to pay the renewal fees (we pay the renewal fees and there are no surcharges made to members accounts). This way we can maintain control over the ownership and avoid life’s little annoyances, like Tina.

Want to Buy Your Domain Name?

If a member wants to acquire ownership of a domain name that they have been using as a part of IDA’s service, we are happy to facilitate the process for a modest transfer fee. Basically, we want to recover our costs.

This system works well for everyone involved, and makes it possible for members to acquire their domain names if they should decide (heaven forbid) to move to another Internet service provider.

If You Already Own Your Domain Name, Be Careful!

About five percent of our members own their own domain name(s) when they join our service. We then redirect these names to their new websites for a modest one-time set-up fee. However, these individual doctors are still liable for the renewal fee because they own the domain name directly.

If doctors who personally own their domain names fail to promptly pay the renewal fees (usually about $35 per year) and lose these domains, we have no control. Please be warned that there are unscrupulous people who may buy your expired domain name, and then try to sell it back to you for an exorbitant fee.

By now I have probably scared you to death. How will you ever sleep again? Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds. If you own your domain name and we redirect it to one of your new IDA websites, we do our best to note when it is due to expire. We’ll try to notify you that your name is coming up for renewal and to watch for the notice.

Cheap Doctor Gets What He Paid For

The end of Cheap Doctor’s story is interesting, too. It turns out that the now ex-boyfriend couldn’t produce a decent Web site for the rate he quoted once he found out that IDA owns the copyright to the almost ninety pages of professionally written dental copy and all the photos.

Remember, in the long run “First class costs ten percent less.” That’s why you’re an IDA member. You want to go first class and save money by getting it right the first time.

P.S. – Some of the circumstances surrounding Cheap Doctor’s affair with Tina have been changed, amplified and somewhat modified to make certain points clear and to protect the doctor’s identity.

P.P.S. – By the way, we never got a thank you from Cheap Doctor for cleaning up his problem. However, we did get a good story.

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